7QT: Preschool, Hair Advice + Too Many Photos

Happy Friday! 

1. Ollie started “preschool” Labor Day weekend. I really shouldn’t call doing a few workbooks for 15 min a day preschool, but I’m gonna go with it. Ollie is OBSESSED. He wrote this all by himself!



Ollie: He’s blossoming into quite the three year old. Never-ending string of whys. Finally getting out his terrible two naughtiness that I thought we missed…

BUT he’s also been amazing and hilarious. 

After seeing a photo of himself:

"Look! It’s me at my first birthday! I was 2 months old."

Singing: "Sugar on your face, sugar on your face, sugar on your hair, sugar on your hair. It’s a new Jason Mraz song."

Atlas: He’s been my sweet, lovey buddy lately. When he’s not squinting his eyes and saying, “baby mimose” in the tiniest baby voice, he’s copying every.single.thing. Ollie does or being super goofy like putting cereal in his hair to make everyone laugh…

He’s talking like crazyyyy, too. His favorite word has to be nose. 

Primrose: Angel baby. Only get’s worked up with she’s really tired and wants to be away from the crazies and tucked in bed. She’s right around my favorite baby age when they are so lovey and smily and observant.

3. Okay, I need some important advice. I’m getting my hair cut on Thursday and I’m so torn with what to do. Part of me (a big part) wants to cut it off kinda like this but with a darker ombre. (Photos c/o Pinterest of course.)

But practical Jenna that knows I ALWAYS regret cutting my hair short and thinks I should continue to grow it out longer and just get the dead split ends off and make my ombre ready for autumn wants something like dis

What I know I want is for my hair to be healthy as I approach the big 3 month postpartum hair shedding, not have to deal with mad tangles that I have now, super easy styling as in I just need to brush it and can maybe put it in a bun or ponytail. Help me out! I can’t make this decision alone. Any other hair suggestions??

4. Big news over here…..

I’VE STARTED EATING BACON AGAIN! I haven’t eaten pork or beef in years and years and have always missed bacon like any sane person who has ever had that salty gift from God on their tongue. Beef and all other pork products gross me out still, but my life is so much better with bacon back in it. Minus the bacon grease stain on one of my only decent postpartum shirts. 

5. Also, I jogged yesterday for the first time since May 12 2013 (thank you Nike+) and didn’t die! I only ran a mile, but I didn’t stop the entire time. So proud. So fitness.

6. These next few weeks are going to be crazy busy with a root canal, camping, Daniel gone for a week, get togethers, appointments, so on and on and on. I can’t wait for things to die down so we can relax from this crazy postpartum surviving we’ve been in. But until then…

7. Let the photo spams continue

More quick takes over hereeee.


I often assume people think the worst things about me. I jump to conclusions that people have bad intentions and are out to scoff at me. I especially feel like that now that I am entering/have entered the spectacle stage of 3 little ones in tow. 

Over the weekend, Daniel and I took the kids out to Whole Foods so we could pick up a coffee and get the boys a cookie. While we were in line, I saw an elderly lady behind us, just staring. I could see her tallying up the kids and connecting them to their parents, me and Daniel. Her face remained neutral, but my mind started racing. 

"Great, I wonder what she’s thinking. What do people even think when they are so outside of this situation and lifestyle and see us? She must think we are reckless and we don’t know what we are getting into. I bet she is relieved to see that we have a newborn girl and that we must be done now. Ughh, okay. Gotta keep smiling and act like we got this all under control even though Atlas somehow already has chocolate up in his eyebrows and Ollie keeps running back and forth between me and Daniel…"

Daniel grabbed the stroller and his drink and took them outside while I waited inside for my drink (with Primrose in the sling). The lady came up to me and asked how old Prim was and I answered, “Oh, she’s 6 weeks!” (then thought, okay next question is usually how old the other 2 are and then some remark about popping them out quick…) and she replied, “She’s so tiny! Looks like she just came out of the womb!….Such beautiful kids. You’re very lucky.” 

Lucky!? That’s new. So I asked her if she had any kids of her own and she answered, “I had an ectopic pregnancy, so no.” and went on to explain how she got married late and she got pregnant and didn’t find out it was ectopic until she was 4 months pregnant, and unfortunately never got to have any children. 

It’s so easy to forget how “lucky” I am. Often these three blessings feel more like crosses, often when they are literally like crosses and climbing all over me. That encounter was such a needed gift of putting my “suffering” into perspective. I really am lucky.

Current life as told by .gifs

Okay, okay. I get it. I haven’t really blogged about anything significant in a while. Not to make excuses, but life has been 


with a lot of moments where




but then they’re like


and then I’m like


and then it’s nap time and they’re like


and I’m like


and then once quiet time or crib time is enforced I’m like


on repeat for ever and ever. Amen. 



7QT: Whoop there it is, whoopy birthday to you, + a bunch of big whoop

1. Let’s get the serious stuff out of the way so I can go back to the fluff I usually blog about.


So we just finished our round of antibiotics (5-day azithromycin) for pertussis aka whooping cough. We are no longer contagious and the boys should be past the peak of their illness. Praise the Lord that it seems that Prim never caught it. If anyone is interested, I have a video of Ollie having a coughing spell that I can message you privately if you want to see what it looks like. And try explaining this to a 3 year old…


Thank you to all of you who prayed and prayed for us. I was hesitant to share that we had pertussis, but the increase in prayers were worth the possible judgment. I had an entire post mapped out explaining why we don’t vaccinate and still stand by our choice, but it was written out of anger of accusations that my family and families who choose not to vaccinate need to be more educated and suggesting that we need to better take care of our children. I don’t think anything is as offensive to me as suggesting that not only am I ignorant, but that I am being negligent as a mother. 

I know people are still curious about it, so here are some links about the pertussis vaccination.

Recently vaccinated people may explain resurgence and spread of pertussis.

You can still get it after getting the vaccination. 

Breast milk and vitamin c can be used to treat it and naturally occurring WC results in a 30 year immunity (versus the not fully protected 3 year immunity from the vaccine).

Possible neurological damage by high levels of aluminum in the typical vaccine schedule.

While reading The Vaccine Book by Dr. Sears, I came across a quote that really expressed what I feel and have had a difficult time articulating:

"One patient summed it up in a very interesting way that I’d never thought about.  She said that if she chose to vaccinate her children, she would be actively taking a risk.  She would be purposely deciding to take that 1 in 2600 chance.  If one of her kids suffered a bad side effect, it would be because of something she did.  If, on the other hand, she didn’t vaccinate, she would be taking a passive risk; she would be taking the chance that something (a disease) would not happen to her kids.  She’s leaving it up to nature, or chance, or God.  If her children suffer a severe course of a disease, it won’t be because of something she did.  Rather, it will be because of something she didn’t do.  She would rather live with that type of choice."

(Phew, glad that’s out of the way.)  

2. Moving onnnnnnn, it was Daniel’s 26th birthday on Wednesday!




3. You know those moments when you realize you’re like your mom? Well, I was driving the other day and was listening to one of the albums I always default to and a memory from high school flashed in my head. My mom was listening to her favorite, Bruce Springsteen, and I asked her why she wasn’t listening to his new album that she had just bought and she said, “I have to be in the mood to listen to new music.” I remember thinking how I was never going to not listen to new albums from my favorite musicians. *channelingharrypotterandtheorderofthephoenixteenageangst*

I realized driving that my main guy, Jason Mraz, released a new album a month ago and I still hadn’t listened to it and guess what I did. I kept on my old go-to album and kept driving. 

4. Something I do want to update is my hair sitch. I’m thinking of toning down my ombre for the fall and a little trimy trim with layers. What do you think? Should I chop it off and get a perm like Amy Adams in Her? Help me out. Judging by take 3 I’m not the most relevant.

5. However, I am totally relevant when it comes to tv shows. I almost forgot about the Emmy’s! Award shows are my favorite. I mean, how am I supposed to choose who I want to win between my faves Bryan Cranston, Jon Hamm, and Matthew McConaughey for Lead Actor?? Impossible. Aaron Paul or Peter Dinklage for Supporting Actor, duh. 

6. Last night Daniel, Prim and I went out to eat fancy wine and fancy cheese before watching Hope And Justin. It was amazingggg to get out of the house and speak with adults and not have someone coughing on me (only snuggling and nursing on me). 

My rosé.



7. Photospammmm

Ollie + Atlas’ relationship:



I guess they get along sometimes…




How Prim looks at me… swooooon


And when you forget to take newborn diapers to the doctors office and they are watching you and expecting you to change the lightly soiled diaper that you would just leave on for the 5 min drive home, you get big brother’s size 3. #thirdchild


Update Y’all

Quick update over here at the ol’ Wilber Huset. 



+ Daniel is back at work. Well, kinda. He’s working from home in the morning, then heads to his office in the afternoon. On that note, looking to hire a housecleaner/nanny/therapist for post nap time-bedtime for the next couple years. Thx.



+ I took Ollie to the doctor’s this morning because his cough is getting worse and I got a littlebabybit paranoid he had whooping cough after a coughing spell last night that had him coughing up thick, clear phlegm and gasping for air. And I’m rarely paranoid over illnesses around here. Turns out he has an upper respiratory infection.


+ Prim decided to have a blowout on the way to the doctors. We were almost running late so I just threw her into the sling. Poopy carseat, poopy sling, poopy onesie. Lady thought she was a boy, asked if I was done having kids, and another lady thought I said her name was “Crim” (after I said “Primrose”, not even “Prim”). 

+ Since O has a terrible cough, naps and nighttime have been the worstttttt. He fights going down, wakes up in a coughing fit an hour later and wakes up Atlas and then naps are doneeeeeee. He’s being such a sensitive, defiant, stinker, sappy guy. 



Looks like Atlas here. He said, “Prim learned how to hold hands!”. He also told me I’m being annoying today. Soooo. 

+ Prim wakes up for an hour every morning. That hour happens sometime between 3am-5:30am. Other than that, she’s great at night so I shouldn’t complain. 

+ Another lady knocked on our door yesterday and asked me if my parents were home. ¯\_( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)_/¯  

+ Cedric (our forever sickly orange cat) now has a bloody back paw and a swollen front paw. Ughh. Don’t get pets. 

+ Atlas is just being Atlas. Stinker + Heartbreaker.




+ I guess Prim girl kinda looks like me…




+ Lastly and definitely the most important update, who was creeped out by  After the Final Rose last week? So uncomfortable. All of it. And three cheers for Bachelor in Paradise, amiright? (JK, JK). And who’s excited for the #fAtalfinale in a couple weeks? Are one of the liars actually going to get it from A!? 

Welp, Atlas just stuck his hand in his poopy diaper. I’ll take that as my cue. 

Babies, poop, and crappy tv. Love your life, people. I love mine. (not jking). 

7QT: First Week!

1. One Week!

I can’t believe it’s already (almost) been a week with Prim! She had a really difficult first night (cried when she wasn’t latched on ALL NIGHT LONG), but since then she’s been a dream. Nursing, sleeping, pooping. Perfect newborn trinity.



2. Ollie Baby

Oliver is having a little bit of a difficult time with the transition. He loves her SO MUCH. He wants to be holding her or helping out all the time. But he also decided to become super defiant and back talky. 


A couple quotes as of late:


When Daniel was taking him to a new coffee shop and Ollie asked for a chocolate milk and Daniel said he wasn’t sure if this place had it Ollie said, “Ehh, all coffee shops in California have it.”

"Bangladesh…hahahah. Sounds like Rainbow Dash."

***I feel like I should note that I’m not forcing his obsession with flags at all. It’s all him! Someone thought I was going out of my way to teach him, but nope! He’s just a weirdo like me.***


Reading off flags to snoozing Prim.

3. Baby Atlas

Atlas is so silly. He’s accepted Prim around like nothing has changed. He is such a go with the flow bro baby. He’s also talking like crazy and practically saying a new word everyday. 


4. Forgot about this


5. Almost Hot Messes

When I was writing my part 2 post yesterday, for some reason all my wedding photos on my external hard drive wouldn’t open. After panicking that they were gone forever and almost having a postpartum hormonally driven insensible meltdown, Daniel fixed it. I guess they just needed to be reprocessed or something!? Love him. Happy anniversary!

I can’t wait to write up a post for next week’s One Hot Mess after Daniel goes back to work on Monday. 

And I’m having weird issues with my blog posts not being sent to bloglovin? Ughh. The internet, guys. Computers. 

6. Faux Wheel Drive

Okay. SO. I think I’ve mentioned Ollie’s obsession with collecting Disney/Pixar Mattel Cars and watching toy reviews of them on youtube. Buzzfeed even wrote about this weird toddler obsession. Right now he’s wanting to find all the Piston Cup racers and one he has been really wanting is Faux Wheel Drive. I’m sure if you’re reading this and speak English you know that Faux is pronounced like foe, not fox. Well, all the toy reviewers on youtube (foreigners and kids) all pronounce it as fox so Ollie calls it Fox Wheel Drive and Daniel and I try to explain that it’s pronounced foe but nope. So Daniel and I bought Ollie the car and made our own youtube toy review of the video and showed it to Ollie. 1. He didn’t recognize and still doesn’t know that it was me and 2. After the video he said, “That lady on your video say Faux Wheel Drive, but MY videos say Fox Wheel Drive. You video not right.” 

7. Photo Spammmmmm 

because everyone wants to look at presh newborn photos. 








Our Story Part 2: Dating, Engagement, + Marriage

As our 5 year anniversary approaches, I want to share bits of our journey to marriage, 3 kids, and a whole lot of moving.

Part 1: School-age Romance

Part 2: Dating, Engagement, + Marriage

Part 3: Kids + Today

PART 2: Dating, Engagement, + Marriage

After we graduated high school and started dating, everything felt right. This is what we were meant to be doing for a long time. It was just so easy. We would talk about when we got married, not IF we ever got married. There was no questioning whether that was really the right path for us. It just was.


My family was a little more on the skeptical side because of our age, but we planned to get engaged after around a year of dating to make them more comfortable and to give us time to save up. I mean, we were 18 going on 19 years old. Daniel was working at Urban Outfitters and I had just started working as a behavior therapist and we both were full time college students. 


Flash forward to the following summer (2008). We were still living at home, full-time college students, both behavior therapists and in loveeeee. Daniel and I aren’t very good at keeping secrets and surprises from each other. We had looked at some rings together and I knew a proposal was happening any day now. We were actually asked if we were brother and sister one of the times we went looking at rings…


ANYWAY, one day I was over at Daniel’s parents house and a package came in the mail and Daniel said, “Oooo, you can’t see what’s in here. Go in the other room while I open it.” A couple minutes later I hear him yell an expletive and come out and show me how he custom ordered my ring and it was missing from the package! He had to file a claim and it was discovered that someone from fedex broke it open and stole it! The jewelry company replaced it of course, but that solidified that we were indeed getting engaged soon.

Engagement Day

He had a “very special surprise date” planned for me on Sept 6th. I made sure my nails were freshly painted and we headed out around 4 in the morning. I actually didn’t know where we were going, but figured it out along the way. We were driving south and Daniel said that we had to be there by I think 7:30, so I knew we were going to San Diego but wasn’t sure exactly where. Then I saw a billboard for the Wild Animal Park and knew it. 

Cheetahs are my favorite animal and I had told Daniel about this program they have where you get to hang out with a cheetah and watch it run and whatnot. I’m getting engaged today AND I get to meet a cheetah. Dreams do come true. 

So we get to the park and there are about 20ish other people who are part of the group. We got inside and taken to this special area where there was a tent with breakfast and drinks and some small tables set up. Daniel told me to go pick out some food and he’ll save our table. When I came back, I saw the ring box open on the table in front of my seat. I can’t express how much I love this dialogue between us because I bet for some it may seem so nonchalant but it’s perfect and goes something like this:

D: So?

J: Sooo… are you going to get down on one knee and ask me?

He looks around at all these strangers settling down to munch on their breakfast.

D: Do you really want me to?

I look around.

J: No, not really.

D: I love you sweetie. Will you marry me?

J: Yes! Of course. 

Kiss kiss. Ring ring. Cheetah cheetah. 

We just sat there staring at each other like this. <3




Later that month I started at UCLA and he started at PCC and we started wedding planning! We chose August 1, 2009 so that it would be during our summer break and that we would have time to honeymoon and settle into our apartment before school started back up. 

Wedding Day


It was all so perfect. We got married in a family friends backyard in Simi Valley. I was so nervous the day of our wedding, I honestly don’t think I ate anything until our dinner! I had never been more sure of any decision in my life. I was nervous because I knew how I would look back on this day for the rest of my life.



We had a giant wedding party so we could include all our siblings and closest friends.


We actually took “communion” during the ceremony (funny how we were drawn towards that blessed sacrament). 




We ate BBQ, danced away, and had so much fun. Best wedding ever. 

We honeymooned in Norway. 



I got hives. 

The drinking age is 18 years old there so….



We didn’t want to leave. 



We came back and moved to Pasadena.


We adopted two cats. 


We were so poor and so happy and so in love.


Primrose’s Birth Story


I can’t believe I’m actually ready to sit down and write this out. It’s only been 2 days and some odd hours since I gave birth to her. 

Friday, July 25th

Due Date! I had a feeling that she may be early (like I feel with all my pregnancies), but like her brothers, she still wasn’t here. That evening we had a little movie night and ordered some pizza and watched WALL-E all together before bed. Daniel and I watched a couple of episodes of Good Eats (we<3cable) and I headed to bed around 10pm. Daniel asked me if I felt like tonight was the night and I brushed off the question because you know when you get to the end and you just are over thinking whether tonight is the night and just want to sleep… (should have taken that as a sign that maybe it was going to happen tonight). 

Saturday, July 26th

I wake up at midnight to Ollie crawling into bed next to me. He almost always makes it all night in his bed and comes in around 6-6:30am so this was very unusual. Daniel was about to climb into bed so we just let Ollie stay with us. 

I wake up again at 12:42am to Atlas whining on the baby monitor. I know Daniel had just gone to bed and I felt like I had to pee so I decided to just tuck him back in and let Daniel sleep. I tuck Atlas in, go to the bathroom, and when I crawl back into bed I have a contraction. Not the braxton hicks I’ve been plagued with all night/every night, but the wave like intense one that makes you know that you’re going into labor except I still doubt myself that it’s actually happening. I try to sleep but they are coming every 5 minutes. So I make my plan. If after an hour I’m still having them every 5 minutes, I’ll wake up Daniel and call his mom, Yvonne.

An hour later (2am) I’m still contracting so I get out of bed, braid my hair, turn to go back to the bedroom to wake up Daniel and there’s a huge spider by my feet in the bathroom! I can’t do the squish a spider in toilet paper thing unless it’s tiny so I squish it with the step stool and think how I need to make sure I remember to write that part in the birth story. Pretty uneventful in the scheme of things, but there you go.

I wake up Daniel and he’s so excited. He shoots out of bed, calls his mom, grabs my checklist I made him and starts packing our last minute hospital bag items. He comes back and moves Ollie to his bed. We joke how of course our little sensitive Ollie would know I’m going to go into labor that night and had to squeeze in one last cuddle. 

Yvonne arrives a little before 3am and tells us she got pulled over on the way over!!! and the ol’ my daughter-in-law is in labor excuse got her out of it. You’re welcome. ;)


I make Daniel take one last photo of her in my belly and we head to the hospital which is only 3 minutes away and check in.

Once we get up to L&D, I’m telling Daniel that I know I said I want to wait until I’m 6cm to get an epidural, but I want it asap. We wait in the triage room to get checked for quite a while and finally the nurse comes in, hooks me up to track my contractions and monitor the baby. She checks me and says that I’m 3-4cm. Woohoo! The OB comes in (the one I was hoping to not get ¯\_(ツ)_/¯) and he says judging by how strong and frequent my contractions are, we’re going to have a baby soon!

I give my nurse my birth plan and say that I’d like to make a change and get the epidural as soon as I can. She agrees that it’s a good idea with how my labor is progressing and that it’ll be a little bit before everything is set up and for me to get a bag of fluid in my IV first. An IV novice nurse came in and messes up my IV (ouchhhhhhhh) and my regular nurse (who was amazing) had to come in and fix it (pain free!).

We get into our room around 4:30am and I’m finishing up my list of intentions. If you messaged me, I prayed for your intention and I’m so grateful for everyone who said they would also pray for me! Praying for these intentions was such a huge change in the way I managed my contractions. It allowed me to draw away from my own personal pain and focus on others. The nurse even said, “You know, you’re awfully happy for how in labor you are.” and it was partly due to not feeling swallowed up by each contraction (and knowing that I was getting an epidural very soon helped a little little bit, too). I finished the list of intentions and I moved onto saying as many Hail Marys and I could to get through the contraction (about 3/contraction if you wanna know). 

Around 5am, I started getting the uncontrollable shakes and bad back labor. Finally the anesthesiologist arrives and got the show on the road. Getting the epidural was such a crazy experience. The shot of lidocaine didn’t really hurt, it was the sensation of the fatty needle they stick in. It felt like a rush of liquid through my spine down to my tailbone with the pressure of someone pressing down on your back as if to crack it, while having a contraction that you can’t move through. They gave me a test dose and I had another contraction, but I told them I could still feel it but it was one of my mild ones and they said that it was the same intensity as the one before. Magic, I tell ya.

She checked me and I was 6cm, hooked up the catheter, and got me all settled in bed. I could still feel all the pressure and my cervix stretching, but no pain. So so so weird.


They tucked me in laying on my right side, Daniel tucked in on the pull out chair, turned off the lights and the nurse said she would be back in an hour to check me and switch me to my left side. 

I stared up at this silly forest light above the bed and tried guessing when she’d be here. 


The nurse came back at 6:15am and I figured I was maybe a 7/8cm, but nope. 


4 cm in an hour. Unreal. 

I ask if I have an anterior lip and she says a tiny bit, but nothing significant. Just a bulging bag of water. She says she would call the OB to come break the water and to deliver the baby! I wasn’t ready! I was expecting a few more hours. I started to get really nervous. My body still had to push her out. I could feel an immense amount of pressure and the sensation to push, but held off and just let my body do its thing until the OB came. 

He took his sweet time and came in around 6:45/7ish. When he broke the water, it was pretty comical the way he was sprayed. Garden hose style. But what wasn’t comical was that there was meconium in the water. 

Before he left to go change, they said that because there was meconium in the water, they wouldn’t be able to delay clamping the cord because she would have to be suctioned immediately by the now present NICU team. 

Anything but the NICU

So the OB is back and the nurses put my legs up on the stirrups and they comment on how they love my nail polish color, and the OB just casually walks in and says, “Okay, with the next contraction push.”

I grab Daniel’s hand and I push and whoaaaaa. Why can I still feel this and why am I screaming!? It’s not necessarily painful, but I can feel her move into the birth canal and crown. Next contraction I crazy warrior scream her head out and the OB suctions her and I push again and she’s out and I lose it. I’m sobbing. I look at her and she’s so beautiful and I try to look at them suction her through the tears and my hands covering my face and she starts crying and I’m wailing now. Daniel is hugging me saying “Sweetie, she’s okay! She’s fine! She’s fine!” and I sob, “I know, these are happy tears!”. One of the NICU people say, “Oh does she want to do skin to skin!?” and I yell, “YES!!!!!!” and they put her on me and it’s the perfect moment. She immediately stops crying and opens her sweet little eyes and looks at me. Nothing can come close to that moment with a mama and her baby. Nothing. 


Everyone just kinda leaves. They say congrats and walk out of the room! It was amazing. 


One of my biggest fears with getting an epidural was not having that light switch moment. Going from that deep, dark place to the most magnificent, indescribable happiness, but I did. I never sobbed like that after having Ollie or Atlas. Not saying it was because of how any of them were born, just that I don’t think it really matters.

We aren’t going to love our babies any less. 


Primrose Lucia Wilber was born at 7:32am. She weighed 7 pounds, 14 ounces and was 20 inches long. Primrose, “first rose” aka “first girl” is after Saint Rose Venerini and Lucia, “light”, is after my grandma and many other Lucia’s on that side of the family and after Saint Lucia. 


The boys come visit a few hours later. Ollie immediately climbs into the bed and starts cuddling her and checking out her tiny eyelashes he was most excited for. He said, “She have the tiniest feet I ever seen!”


Atlas gave her a nice pat on her head and said, “Bah-bee!”


and all three of my goofs cuddled on me. 


God is so, so good. 


Ollie’s Birth Story

Atlas’ Birth Story

7QT: Due Date, Feast Day, Birth Day?

1. Happy Feast Day of Saint James the Greater

Daniel’s confirmation saint. He is said to be one of the first martyrs partly believed to be because he had such a “fiery temper” and Jesus gave him and his brother John the nickname of “Sons of Thunder”. 

2. Because who would say no?

A couple weeks back I got asked by friends over at Petunia Pickle Bottom if I would want to do an interview and little photo shoot at the farmer’s market for this new series they’re doing called, Motherhood Moments. So duh, I agreed. You can check it out over on their blog

3. Haircuts!

Atlas got his first haircut! (Not going to count all the times I chopped at his wispy mane to just keep the hair out of his eyes and mullet in check). He went from 1990’s Stephen Baldwin

to 2k14 toddler stud. 

Ollie also got his cut, but it wasn’t his first time so it’s not AS exciting. He does look so handsome though. 

4. We finally caved and….

got cable. Daniel has been recording soccer games. I’m waiting to watch The Bachelorette Finale live. It’s awful and amazing. 

5. Today is my due date!

And in case you were wondering. 

6. So yes, I’m still pregnant. 

How far along: 40 weeks!
Fruit/Vegetable comparison: Jackfruit
Total weight gain: 30 pounds
Baby’s new developments: Fatter and fatter. 
Sleep: Blehhh. I was up last night with the tiniest contractions every 5 minutes for an hour and a half then fell asleep. 
Best moment of the week: Going to get pedicures and out to dinner with my gurlssss. At the end of the night I super checked out (thank you end of pregnancy anxiety attacks), but we had fun! 
Miss anything?: Being comfortable. 
Movement: Yes, and when she does it turns into a BH/contraction. 
Food cravings: Chocolate ice cream with so many graham cracker crumbs that when you mix it, it becomes like wet sand. 
Symptoms: Tired, varying appetite, cramps + contractions
Looking forward to: Meeting her! 
7. ~mystery~
I had an appointment yesterday and I was 1.5cm, 40% effaced, and -2 station. The OB said she felt around 8lbs, but the estimate she’d give is 7.5-8.5lbs. I snuck a photo of the Kaiser OBs on call schedule for the rest of the month so I can see who I’ll be getting once I go into labor. I don’t like surprises and that’s the worst part about being pregnant. So much is unknown. Gotta do what I can to take away some of the mystery guys. 
All I know is that I most definitely do not want the OB on call today and my faveeeee is on call on Sunday. So we’ll see if my dream birth happens (go into labor Sunday morning, have her pain free by the evening, boys visit before bed/end of visiting hours, and be discharged Monday morning). 
I guess we’ll all laugh and see how much of that dream comes true. 
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